New Ullapool High School Site

Written by Site Admin. Posted in News

The present site is currently in it's Beta phase of development.

This new design will enable the school to engage more easily with the wider community.

New features include a Twitter feed on the home page which is now active. If you are using Internet Explorer please note there is a system conflict between Twitter & I.E. and you may only see a Twitter link on the top right hand side of your screen - however click on the link you will then visit the Feed.

Fortunately the Feed works correctly on all other Browsers (ie Chroma, Firefox, Safari, Opera ..) plus all I-pads & Smart Phones.

The UHS site will maintain an up-to-date Calendar of Events as well as being better able to offer news and other information to parents and pupils.

An Archive page has just been created at the back of the site which will in time offer a unique perspective on UHS as well as becoming a rich source of information itself.