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Resilience for Life

This work on resilience is two handy sized 'pocket books' on friendships produced by S2 pupils. 

Some great advice within:

Top Tips 1

Top Tips 2


New Beginnings

In 1903, two pioneers named Wilbur and Orville Wright recorded the first ever flight of a heavier than air machine. This machine was built in sections over a few years in the back of their bike shop.

They went on to create a mode of transport now worth billions, careers for many, and helped connect the world as it is today. And as I sit in my roof tapping out this somewhat long winded entry on the cracked screen of my mobile, I can't help but hope that this new blog will have just as profound an effect on Ullapool High School.

This time next year, however, I will in fact have just finished unpacking my cases into my new dorm, and started university. But I like to think this blog, rather than something that will fizzle out in a matter of months, will be something I can revisit. I hope I can log onto my laptop, open up the page, and find the ramblings of some other well-meaning sixth year who should really get to the point.

This is the metaphorical ribbon cutting of the new school blog, and I hope it's a good one. I'll be recruiting students from first and second year to both record their journey from junior to senior, as well as immortalise the great achievements of our school. As well as the hilarious things like Scott Simpson's failed Gangnam Style flash mob. 

So look out for posters coming soon, and I hope this becomes the kind of legacy I'll be proud to leave. And on that note, tata until the next post!

Ash X