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Ullapool High School has a great tradition of offering opportunities for youngsters to take part in school trips involving different activities and locations every year.

To help parents plan I have consulted with staff about any such trips which they are intending to run in the near future along with likely dates and costs. This is so that a pupil does not commit to one trip, only to find another one that they would have preferred to attend advertised later. It will also allow you, as parents, to engage in some financial planning if necessary.

So far, the following trips outlined below are being planned and further details will be available via information letters given out to interested pupils. Where a trip is proposed specifically for one year group, it is intended that these form part of a tailored, curricular theme. Therefore the school expects that pupils will sign up for that trip first, before considering any other, non-year group specific excursions:

  • Lagganlia Outdoor Activity Week – (27th – 31st May); S2 Activities Week; a chance for the whole year group to have outdoor fun; cost £250; information letters have already been issued; (Mr Crook)
  • Isle Martin Explorer – (week of 27th May); 3-day residential visit offered for S1 year group in conjunction with CALP; details still to be finalised; likely cost £40; (Ms Strachan)
  • London Trip – (30th June – 4th July); open to (next year’s) S4/5/6; various sightseeing and museum activities; cost £350; more information will be available very shortly; (Ms McCann & Ms Cormack)
  • Alton Towers – (28th June); overnight bus down, all day in theme park and evening return journey; likely cost £75; (Mrs Talbot & Mrs Pyke)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition – (28th June – 4th July); Northern Ireland; cost to be confirmed but likely to be £400; (Ms Middleton)
  • University Visit – (Late Aug/Early Sept); S6 pupils; overnight visit to Universities of Glasgow and Stirling; likely cost £35-40; (Ms Cormack)
  • Ski Trip – (4th – 11th January 2020); Alpe d’Huez, French Alps; all inclusive with likely cost of £799; more information will be available very shortly; (Mr McFedries) 

The above list is not definitive and, in the past, there have been opportunities for excursions on, for example, the Wylde Swan tall ship and the Silurian, Whale & Dolphin Trust research vessel, which arise at relatively short notice. If the school decides to offer any additional trips, details will be sent out via pupils and through the parental email updates

There are also some annual subject specific trips (e.g. the Social Subjects visits to London & Edinburgh or the S3 Gaidhlig visit to Lewis). These take place between September and Xmas each year with the participants for this year already known so we have not included them in the list above. However, if your child chooses a relevant subject in their Options, then you should be aware that there will likely be a similar trip at this time in 2019.



The UCAS Parent Guide 2019 is designed to give guidance to anyone supporting a young person applying to study at a university or college in 2019.

Parents can sign up to receive emails, download the guide, and get top tips at www.ucas.com/parents.




Ullapool High School has always put a lot of effort into fundraising for charity and good causes and 2017-18 has been no different. Overall a total of just above £4,500 was raised although, given the scale of the school trips this year, some fundraising events were directly targeted to help make those projects less costly. As last year, school pupils raised money through Children in Need (£75), Save The Children’s Xmas Jumper appeal (£52) and Jeans for Genes (£212) while the second running of the Million Metre Challenge raised £940 for Cycling Without Age Scotland, an exciting new charity that is setting up locally and which school pupils are keen to support.

Other worthy causes supported during the year include, World Aids Day, Wayback Wednesday (for dementia charities) and The Teenage Cancer Trust while we re-introduced a Copper Challenge, pitting register classes against each other to raise the most coins. The annual S2-led Chefs Adopt A School Dinner (commonly known as Chez Roux) raised £1,350 and the school’s Charity Committee, which consists primarily of S6 pupils, organised their Winter Charity Event, raising £1,010, which contributed towards various charities including the sponsorship of 3 children through Action Aid – an 11- year old boy in China, an 8-year old girl in Sierra Leone and a 14 year old boy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Contact Guidance

The guidance team  are happy to take calls (612078) or emails if you would like assistance with any matter relating to your child.

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The guidance team are happy to take calls or emails at any time of the year, on any issue.


Active Schools Link

Ben Bruce, our active schools co-ordinator, has set up a Facebook page to keep you up to date with opportunities in the area.



And here is a link to the Ullapool Community Sport Hub


Youth achievement drop in every Wed over lunch in Yvonne’s office in the High School.