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Modern Studies

Modern Studies is a multi-dimensional social subject based primarily on Sociology and Politics with major components of Economics and International Relations. In Modern Studies we strive to promote an objective understanding of the social and political phenomena that affect individuals at local, national and international level. The distinctive contribution of Modern Studies to Social Science in Schools is through its direct concern with the development of political literacy and the understanding of the way in which people are related to each other, shape and are affected by social institutions.


History covers a wide range of human activity. It embraces social, economic, technological, political ideological and cultural aspects of life. Through a rich variety of sources and combination of activities, History helps to develop pupils' understanding of the society in which they live, fosters their capacity for making informed judgements on contemporary issues, and establishes their commitment to those values that are fundamental to the democratic way of life. It also contributes to the general education of all and helps develop a sense of identity – personal, local, regional, national and human.


Geography is about giving pupils a knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live in and the way in which people relate to their environment. The subject also aims to develop pupils' additional skills, namely the ability to carry out individual investigations by a process of planning, collecting evidence, recording and presenting information and interpreting and evaluating information.  Pupils are also encouraged to develop informed and sympathetic attitudes to other cultures.

S3 Fieldwork Trip:The S3 Geography class recently undertook a fieldwork trip to the River Broom as part of their National 5 Course.

The pupils had the opportunity to measure various aspects of the river (width, depth, speed, gradient) and the bedload (stone angularity and stone size) using various pieces of equipment - oranges are a must to be used as floats!  The trip was then finished off with some field-sketching, which some pupils found easier than others...

Many thanks goes to Ms Middleton and Ms Dawson for agreeing to accompany the trip.


The Social Subjects Faculty recognises the significant educational value of visits and activities which take place away from the immediate school environment.  These trips support, enrich and extend the Curriculum for Excellence, encourage co-operation, team work and the application of problem-solving skills and develop independence and self-confidence, preparing young people for the opportunities and experiences of adult life. 

S5/6 London Trip:Pupils recently returned from the S5/6 Social Studies trip to London.  This trip included visits to the Houses of Parliament, the Imperial War Museum, Spittalsfield Market, an Open-Top Bus Tour and Thames River Cruise.

Pupils also visited the cinema at the O2, Chinatown and went to see The Mousetrap at St Martins Theatre.  However for many the highlight of the trip was having a chance to go on the Boris Bikes!

Many thanks goes to Mrs Richards for agreeing to accompany the trip.


S3 Edinburgh Trip: Pupils recently returned from the S3 Social Studies trip to Edinburgh. This trip included visits to the Scottish Parliament, Glasgow Sheriff Court, the Museum of Scotland and allowed pupils to undertake various methods of urban fieldwork.

Pupils also visited the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Cineworld to see the latest Hunger Games movie and had a few hours of free time to explore the city when many of them went ice skating.  This year's trip also included visits to see Wicked at the Edinburgh Playhouse and Scotland v Tonga in Kilmarnock.

The SRU were so impressed with us going to the Scotland match that they even interviewed Ms McCann about it!

Many thanks goes to Mr Richards and Mr Ellis for agreeing to accompany the trip.

Standards and Quality Report 

The following is the Standards and Quality Report Social Subjects for 2017.  It outlines our rationale for the curriculum, as well as our ethos as to how it is taught.  It also contains our reflections on recent exam performance.

    SQR Social Subjects 2017