There are three specialist teachers in the Science department at Ullapool High school each of whom teaches in a fully equipped laboratory containing practical science benching and scientific equipment. 



Ullapool High School follows a course that teaches general science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, to S1-S3 with the opportunity for pupils to specialise when entering S4. At this stage pupils will take part in National qualifications gaining either a National 4 or National 5.  

S1 pupils follow a series of units including: 

  • Forces
  • Particles, Elements and Compounds
  • Cells
  • Electricity

In S2 pupils continue with general science and study units including:

  • Reactions
  • Body Systems
  • Waves
  • Biodiversity

This course gives all pupils a good strong grounding for S3 where they have the opportunity to further their knowledge across all three sciences and then pick a specialism for entry into S4. 

S3 is split into core and optional science, with S3 pupils being given the option to choose additional science. Those pupils who choose additional science will have 4 periods of science a week and will rotate through Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each of these being taught by the subject specific teacher. 


When pupils enter S4 they have the option to study National qualifications in any of the three sciences but also in Environmental Science. At the end of S4 they will have obtained either a National 5 (graded A-D) or a National 4. 

In S5 pupils who have previously obtained a National 5 qualification can go on to study for a Higher in either Biology, Chemistry of Physics. Those pupils who have not studied science in S4 can study a for a National qualification at this time as well. 

In S6 there is the option to study for an Advanced Higher in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics. 


Course notes and Homework

All course notes and homework can be found at the Ullapool Science Dept, Ullapool High School.

Here pupils can access work missed during absence or lost after being distributed by the teacher. 



To motivate, challenge and reward our students, we have many enrichment activities, some of which are outlined here:

  • Forensic Science Day
  • Tree Planting
  • Geobus
  • Lab in a Lorry
  • Stem Cells
  • Gene Jury
  • Grow Your Own


2017 SQR Report for Sciences 

The following is the latest Standards and Quality Report for the Sciences.  It outlines our rationale for the curriculum, as well as our ethos as to how it is taught.  It also includes ideas on improvement in the coming year.

  SQR Sciences 2017