Mathematics is important in everyday life, allowing sense to be made of the world around us and to manage lives. Using mathematics enables modelling of real-life situations and the making of connections and informed predictions. It equips young people with the skills needed to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

Mathematics plays an important role in areas such as science or technologies, and is vital to research and development in fields such as engineering, computing science, medicine and finance. Learning mathematics gives children and young people access to the wider curriculum and the opportunity to pursue further studies and interests.

Because mathematics is rich and stimulating, it engages and fascinates learners of all ages, interests and abilities. Learning mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills, creativity and the ability to think in abstract ways. It uses a universal language of numbers and symbols which allows for the communicating of ideas in concise, unambiguous and rigorous ways.

Pupils learn in a variety of ways – whole class, group work and cooperative learning – providing variety and challenge. The use of ICT enhances experiences and provides challenge. Where possible connections between subjects are used to provide context and show applications of mathematics in the real world.

S1-3 Broad General Education

Pupils in S1-3 work thorough planned programmes of work covering mainly Level 3 & 4 Experiences and Outcomes.. Currently we are able to offer 3 classes in each of S1-3 to cater for individual need.

The school’s Numeracy Across Learning Policy aspires to place the responsibility for the teaching and learning of Numeracy with all teachers. Use the link below to the booklet which has  been produced as a Parent’s Guide to Numeracy across Learning within Ullapool High School.

Numeracy Across Learning

S4-6 Senior Phase

Certificate course on offer in Years S4-S6 include:

National 4-5 Mathematics & National 4&5 Lifeskills Mathematics

National 4 Personal Finance Award

Higher Mathematics

Advanced Higher Mathematics

Follow the relevant links below to find out more about the New National Courses

National 4 Lifeskills Mathematics                   

National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics

National 4 Mathematics

National 5  Mathematics

Useful Web-sites


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