English Standards and Quality Report

The 2017 SQR for English is below.  It contains a detailed analysis of our results in the past three years, as well as a summary of our ethos and plans for improvement.

  SQR English 2017


English Progression Frameworks S1-3

The English Department is sharing the Progression Frameworks (written by Education Scotland, May, 2014) directly with students and parents. There are three Progression Frameworks in English:

              *   Writing

              *   Reading

              *   Talking and Listening

Students in S2-3 will generally be working at Level 4. We have created three electronic mind-maps (as below and using “Inspiration” software), which describe progression for area. Click on the links below which represent how to progress in English. 

  Level 4 Writing Template     Level 4 Reading Template     Level 4 Talking Template

Students are using these mind-maps to branch out and reflect on their own progression in each area: to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses (below). Parents are invited to join in the dialogue.  Students' work is also highlighted with the same criteria to measure progress (below):

Pupil Mind Map 1       Pupil Mind Map 2       Highlighted Script A       Highlighted Script B

We also present here an overview grid (below), to record just where a student is in his/her progress. It shows strengths and weaknesses for each student and gives an overview of a just where a student is in his/her progression.

Students in S1 will generally be working at Level 3. We are using a simplified mind-map (Level 3 below) putting both Reading and Writing on the same map for these students. Students are using it themselves and we invite parents to join in the dialogue.

S1 level3 Template                                           Overview Grid

Please contact Ian Williams in the English Department for further details on Progression Frameworks in English.




Modern Languages 

The following is the 2017 Standards and Quality Report for Modern Languages.  It outlines our rationale for the curriculum, as well as our ethos as to how it is taught.  Our results from the last three years also appear.


SQR Modern Languages 2017