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S1-S3 Broad General Education Phase

Pupils will be taught a wide range of activities covering all of the skills and Significant Aspects of Learning.  


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 3rd Year Elective

As a part of the Elective programme third year pupils can select this course in addition to their core entitlement.  Pupils select an activity to develop their own personal training programme.  This course introduces the cycle of analysis to pupils in preparation for National 4/5 courses.

National 4/5 Physical Education

A continuation from the S3 Elective course. The course is delivered through a combination of both practical and theory elements.  It allows pupils to develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in a variety of physical activities.  At the end of the course pupils are credited with an SQA qualification depending on the result of their one off performance (60%) and portfolio (40%).  More information can be found at:

National 4:

National 5:

Higher Physical Education

This course builds on the National 4/5 courses.  Pupils will look in detail at how Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical factors impact on their performance.  They will work through the cycle of analysis to gather data, select appropriate development approach and monitor and record performance development across each of the four factors. Improving practical performance is a key area of this course. At the end of the academic year pupils will be credited with an SQA award depending on the result of their one-off performance (40%), course assessment task (20%) and their final exam (40%). More information can be found at:

National 5 Sport and Recreation

This Skills for Work course covers the main practical activities involved in carrying out a support role in a sport or recreation environment as well as health and safety legislation and risk assessment.  More information can be found at: