Aims and Objectives

Ullapool High School


Although there was a Church School in Ullapool before the Education (Scotland) Act of 1872, it was this Act which led to the establishment of Ullapool Public School.  The original site of the school was in the neighbourhood of the area now occupied by the Village Hall and was classified as a Senior School with a Junior Section.

In 1929 the school moved to Quay Street and was firmly established as a Senior Secondary School with an attached Primary Department.

In 1954 however, the school was downgraded to Junior Secondary status with some pupils transferring to Dingwall Academy at the end of Secondary Three.  Several years later all pupils were transferred to Dingwall Academy at the end of Secondary Two.

In 1979 Ullapool High School became a four-year Secondary School and pupils wishing to continue their education transferred to Dingwall Academy after Secondary Four.  In 1985 the school attained six-year status presenting pupils in all grades of the Scottish Certificate of Education Examinations.

In 1991, with the appointment of a Headteacher to the Primary Department, two distinct schools were created.

In October 1999 the school moved to its own purpose built campus which it is very pleased to share with the community.

In October 2009 the Tillidh Mi Dhachaidh project celebrated 10 years in the new building, 25 years as an S5/6 school and 30 years as an S3/4 school.


At Ullapool High School we aim to build on our strong foundation of care and support for our pupils to enable them to achieve at the highest level they can.  We will provide high quality teaching in all curricular areas and support and develop wider opportunities, encouraging all pupils to participate in these. We want our young people to lead healthy and active lives now and in the future and we will lead, challenge and support them into positive destinations when they leave school.

Equality Statement

At Ullapool High School we will work with and develop each child to reach their full potential.  We seek to maximise opportunities for all our young people regardless of gender, race, sexual identity, disability, religious or political beliefs.


A big part of our ethos at Ullapool High School is that we expect our young people to be active, positive contributors to the school and its wider community.  We will provide formal opportunities for this to happen but also encourage initiative amongst our pupils. We recognise that this positive engagement is a major component in the well-being of the entire community.